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New Forest for Ukraine is a group of non-political unpaid volunteers committed to helping the people in Ukraine. We have a network of collection sites across the New Forest to which the public donate aid. The sites range from garden centres and shops to volunteers' houses, from where our transport volunteers carry the aid to our Lymington hub. There, our hub volunteers sort, service as required, then pack, label and palletise the aid ready for shipment.
When we started in February 2022, aid was shipped by cars. As needs grew, we delivered by vans. Today it is carried on monthly scheduled articulated trucks, each carrying 8 to 10 tonnes of humanitarian aid. All funded by public donations generated by appeals and by attending events.

We cooperate with other local Ukraine support groups to maximize efficiencies, sharing collections and deliveries. We ship only to Charity Foundations in Ukraine to ensure the right support gets to the right people as quickly as possible. 



NFFU Delivery Schematic Dec 2023.png

Updates on the very latest requirements are provided to us weekly, and we adjust our appeals accordingly. We react swiftly to each new disaster, striving to deliver exactly what is required to the requested locations before larger charities possibly can.
No one within NFFU takes a salary. Even our hub is donated. We all love what we do. Together we make a difference. Together we deliver a future of hope. If you share our passion and wish to join with us, please make contact


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