We are non-political volunteers committed to help in any way we can. We have a network of collection sites across the New Forest – these range from garden centres and shops to volunteer’s houses. We then transport the donations to our sorting hub and pack them ready for Distribution. 

We ship as much as possible directly to people we know in Poland and Ukraine to ensure the right support gets to the right people as quickly as possible. We are partnered with two locations in Poland (Poznan and Glogow) and three in Ukraine (Kanieniec Podolski, Lyubar and Stebnyk). 

We get weekly updates on the latest requirements and ensure we flex what we collect and ship accordingly.

To date we have delivered over 30 vehicles of aid to Poland and Ukraine. The total value of supplies is estimated at over £500,000. This is about 40 x expenditure. So in simple terms, for every £10 we are donated, £400 of supplies are delivered to the point of need.


Over 74% of our expenditure has been on transport, with 23% on buying urgently needed supplies and less than 3% on admin and fundraising.


An average trip to Poland costs about £1,200, but we have kept the average cost to less than £400. This has been achieved by utilising volunteers, donated vehicles & fuel as well as back-loading on courier vans coming from Poland and Ukraine. 

We are also committed to supporting the refugees seeking shelter in the UK by actively welcoming them to our beautiful and peaceful part of the world.

New Forest for Ukraine is a Community Interest Company

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Private Limited by Guarantee

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If you share our passion and want to help please get in touch and we will welcome you with open arms.



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  • 20 drop-off sites across the New Forest

  • Over 30 deliveries to Poland and Ukraine

  • > £500,000 of aid delivered

  • £40 of aid for every £1 donated

  • < £400 / delivery

  • 3% expenditure on admin and fundraising

Key Stats