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Weʼre raising £15,000 to source and deliver 30 new generators directly to people in need in Ukraine (mainly Kharkiv, Kherson, Izyum and Bakhmut).

The power infrastructure continues to be targeted by the Russians. This is causing unimaginable hardship to the Ukrainian Civilians. Please help us help keep the lights on and send 50 generators to the places in most need in Ukraine (such as Kharkiv, Donbas, Izyum, Bakhmut and Kherson). 

We plan to buy 30 new generators for £15,000 as well as sourcing 20 second hand generators. We will then use our logistics network to deliver directly to where they are needed most. These 50+ generators will provide power for lights, heat, computers, communications in hospitals, air-raid centres and other places of need. 

All donations are very much appreciated. 

If you are in a position to go a step further and SPONSOR YOUR OWN GENERATOR, or give one for Christmas, please let us know. For £500 we will source a new generator, include a personal message and provide you photographic proof of it being handed over to those in need in Ukraine. Please provide your details along with your donation or via a separate email ( and we will get in touch and arrange everything else. 

A HUGE thankyou.

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